Getting ready for a book signing at Emerald City Writers Conference

You might not be expecting to find a Forgotten Realms novelist at the Emerald City Writers Conference -- as the conference is organized by the local chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America). But I'll be there at the Book Fair, happily signing copies of City of the Dead and Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, on October 10.

Over the years, the lines between genres have grown fuzzier and fuzzier. These days, many of the "romance" writers are focusing on and talking about fantasy, science fiction, and, of course, vampires. Blame it on Twilight, Buffy, or Anne Rice, but paranormal is hot, hot, and hot for the publishers, the editors, and the writers in this field. I find many readers also perfectly willing to read multiple genres.

At the EWC Book Fair, you can find cross-over stars like Yasmine Galenorn. Or authors like my friend Phoebe Matthews, whose Mudflat Series is far more urban fantasy than romance (although her hero is one CUTE blonde barbarian).

So I'm packing my bags for Bellevue, making sure that I have extra business cards in the purse, and looking forward to spending a long weekend with the ladies of EWC in October. This year's conference is sold out, but you might be able to attend the Book Fair. Check the website for more information.


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