Standing in the aisles at University Book Store

Erik and I had a great time reading, kidding around (he's a very good sport!), and signing copies of our Forgotten Realms novels at the University Book Store on July 8. Lots of folks showed up, most of the chairs were full and there were even a few lurking in the aisles. After the event wrapped at 8 pm, there was still more chatting on the sidewalk and then over to one of the Ave's many eateries for some late dinner.

If you didn't make the event but would like a signed copy of the book, you can still get one from their science fiction section. Warning: Duane has one of the greatest collections in Seattle of both recently published and old favorites. So browsing will cost you -- I spent over $35 in the first ten minutes of being in the store!

Check out University Book Store at:

It's definitely worth a trip if you're in Seattle! They do mail order too.


Anonymous said…
It was fun to hear you and Erik read, Rosemary. I enjoyed your excerpt very much, and I'm excited to start reading the whole book. :)

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