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Those who received the Crypt of the Moaning Diamond bookplate know that my bookplates come with more than an author's scrawling signature. There's an appropriate motto for the book and a little original illustration. I will mail my bookplates to anywhere in the world that the post office delivers.

The catch? You knew there was a catch, right? You have to write something about the City of the Dead -- it doesn't have to be long (a sentence is fine) -- but it does have to be viewable on the web. Say whatever you want. Then send me the link and you've earned a bookplate. See, it's a lot easier than racing through a graveyard with a werewolf following you!

If you missed the Crypt of the Moaning Diamond bookplate and would like to add that your collection, the same rules apply. Just write something about the book and send me the link with your bookplate request.

Do let me know if you want the Crypt bookplate, the City of the Dead bookplate, or both.

When requesting paper bookplates don't forget to include a snail mail address! I usually get these posted within a month. If it takes longer than that, send me a reminder.

For those who want to learn more about the history of bookplates and the image in this post, check this article. Frankly, I think George's cherub* looks like something that you might encounter at the better class of graveyard.

*This is not the image that you will receive on your bookplate.


Yes, signatures and funny inscriptions continue for the e-books! Go here on to request an inscription.


Rosemary, I left a review here for your older book while I wait for my order to arrive. Good luck with this new book!
Rosemary Jones said…
And Robinson sent me such good questions and comments about both books, he's getting two bookplates: one for Crypt and one for his yet to arrive copy of City. He will have to figure on his own which one goes into which book.
Great! Realized I didn't leave a post specific link to my review, so here it is:

Heavensent1 said…
I have not yet read this book...but I will for we love Faerun in this you play D & D?? We play weekly and now looking forward to reading this soon...good luck and thank you~!! Have a groovy one...peaces...xoxo
Amy said…
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merlenahess said…
Waiting for the new book can't wait to read the next one
Quincas said…
Rose keep up the the excellent writing. I'd love to see You in the selling bookstore top. Congrats, best wishes, Quim
Rosemary Jones said…
I definitely play D&D. Crypt of the Moaning Diamond was my Valentine to campaigns past. You can find me in the Candlekeep Forum discussing this.
Karen said…
I love your books nd cant wait to read city of the dead..Please keep up your wonderful work.. Thank you
Anonymous said…
Have left comments on both my Face Book page and my blog!!/stasia.hoopingarner.moreno

I really can't wait to get your book, sounds like a fun read!


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