Signing at University Bookstore July 8: Two Realms Authors, One Event

Once upon a time (as all good tales begin), Erik Scott de Bie and Rosemary Jones entered a Wizards of the Coast contest . . . and promptly lost.

But something in our wildly different styles (dark fantasy and swashbuckling silly) appealed to the Wizard editors.

Now, we are both stalking through Waterdeep. If you like it dark and full of intrigue, try Erik's DOWNSHADOW. Want something spooky and sassy? That's CITY OF THE DEAD (by me!).

Come meet both authors and learn how we ended up writing fantasy for Wizards of the Coast, our suggestions for launching your writing career (or your suggestions for us!), chit-chat, and other silly stuff. Erik claims that there may be other revelry afterwards on his blog.

How we lost a contest and ended up in Waterdeep!

Erik Scott de Bie and Rosemary Jones
JULY 8, 2009: 7 p.m.
University Book Store
4326 University Way NE
Seattle , WA 98105


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