And the winners are....

I received more than forty entries for City of Dead. Each entry was printed out and added to one of three groups: Candlekeep, My Space, and Blog. All were combined for the grand prize of two books.

Now all I needed was an impartial person to pick the names out of a bag. What would be better than a fellow writer?

Meeting at a secret location in Seattle, which oddly resembled a doughnut shop, Erik Scott de Bie, author of Downshadow, bravely plunged his hand into the bag four times, pausing for dramatic effect as I fumbled with the camera. He drew the following names.

Drumroll.....and the winners are:

Mike Drozdowski: City of the Dead and Realms of Dragons II
Tim Cassibo: City of the Dead [Castlekeep entry]
Christopher Heard: City of the Dead [Blog entry]
John Bragna: City of Dead [My Space entry]

Thank you again to everyone who entered! Because you entered you automatically qualify for a free bookplate for City of the Dead. If you want a bookplate sent to you, just e-mail me at rosemarynovels at


JesterOC said…
Congratulations to all, guess I will have to pony up and buy it myself. :)

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