New Siegebreakers' Tale Available at Wizards' Website: Pigs Explode!

A new tale of the Siegebreakers just appeared at the Wizards of the Coast website. This is an original story and a prequel to Crypt of the Moaning Diamond. Enjoy!

Time: The winter before the siege of Tsurlagol

“Pigs? You want to use the pigs?” Ivy glanced across the muddy field filled with winter-dead vegetation and the gray bloated bodies of dead hogs. At the far end of the field, through the bare tree branches, the wizard’s crooked tower was clearly visible. The tower looked solid, really solid, rooted down into the ground solid. But the Siegebreakers had promised the pig farmers that the tower would come down.

“Pigs explode?” she repeated to Mumchance, who had suggested that they pack the deceased hogs in the tower’s dungeon. Ivy trusted the 329-year-old dwarf, especially when it came to destruction, but this was the first time they’d ever used dead swine.

For the rest, see Wizards' website


Bruce R Cordell said…
Congrats! Looking forward to reading it. I always wondered about that exploding pig story :-).
Rosemary Jones said…
According to one history of sappers that I read, bad King John of England actually used this method. No mention of what happened to the ham afterwards.

:) Rosemary
Spikey said…
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It was fantastic to re-visit the Siegebreakers at their 'thinking outside-of-the-box' & 'do as the dwarf says' best!

Great job Rosemary, great job Wiggles! ;)
robinson.mason said…
A fantastic book. I'm a long time fan of D&D and your book is exactly the right balance of gameplay feel and interesting characters. Can't wait for the Waterdeep 'Dead' novel! (I'm going to pre-order it)

Here's hoping for more siegebreaker stories...

I'm writing my own FR fanfic at - just do a search for "Galumat" as a keyword and it will pop up.

Now I'm off to read this prequel...

-W.R.Mason III

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