Grasping the Wind's Review of Crypt

John Ottinger reviewed Crypt at his blog Grasping the Wind, calling it "a dungeon delving story both humorous and out of the ordinary set in the Forgotten Realms mythos." Which I thought was extremely nice. I definitely lean toward the humorous (if you like your fantasy dark, try the Dungeons book by Erik Scott de Bie!)

John's blog covers a wide variety of fantasy and also contains author interviews and other interesting essays. He mirrors his work on My Space. You find links through my blog on My Space to John's writing: check him out!


Hey Rosemary, thanks for the linkage!

Is this a new blog you are starting? I'll add it to my Google Reader for sure.
Rosemary Jones said…
It's actually more of a new home page. Where I used to store my webpage is now dumping ads of this and that into the site. And basically mucking with my html. So it's easier to build a home page here. The random thoughts blog can still be found on My Space.

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