The Little White Dog is back for Christmas!

Want the world famous "Little White Dog" bookplate to jazz up your copy of Crypt of the Moaning Diamond? It's back!! Makes a great addition to a gift too!

These free signed bookplates are available to readers who have posted comments about Crypt somewhere on the web. It can be an review, a post on your blog, a comment on GoodReads, or anything else you want as long as other people can see it. What you say doesn't matter.

Gift inscriptions also available. Let me know the recipient's name. Just be sure to give me enough time to get to the post office and have it mailed.

E-mail your bookplate request and the link to your comment to rosemarynovels at for your own signed copy. Don't forget to include an address!

I send the bookplates via first class mail anywhere in the world that the U.S. Post Office will deliver. There is also a bookplate available for City of the Dead, and I'm happy to send both out at the same time.

Special thanks to Matt Holmes for the cute dog drawing!


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